Stuttgarter Stäffelestour by wanatu.de (unique stairway walks)

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Dear city hiker , dear city tourist

Stuttgart is particularly in terms of its geographical location in the basin. The limiting slopes allow the city to be unique. Urban life can be best experienced at walks and cityhiking.

These special tours through the town are a unique. A combination of nature, culture and historical background.

s' Stuttgart Stäffele are actually about 400 stairways which found its origin in the management of Stuttgart vineyards. Due to the high number of Stäffele the Stuttgart citizen have received the nickname "Stäffelesrutscher". 

As a native "Schduagerdr Schdäffelesrutscher" these particular ways of Stuttgart are very special for me.

Become an "Schduagerdr Schdäffelesrutscher", too!

Usually the tours are in German language but can also be offered in small groups where English can be spoken. The tours start at 4 person up to your belief.

Don’t hesitate and ask for your personal offer! Please follow me on twitter and facebook to be up-to-date!


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